• Entries

Entry Fees

The entry fee for the various events is as follows. All amount are in Indian Rupees.

  • Team of Four GOLD -
    • 10,000 for 4 member team and Rs. 2000 for additional member.
    Deadline: September 9 20:00 hrs.
    Registered Participants
  • Team of Four SILVER -
    • 8,000 for 4 member team and Rs. 1,500 for additional member
    Deadline: September 9 20:00 hrs.
    Registered Participants

Note: In the Team of Four Gold and Silver events, the 16 teams qualified to play the KO stage will pay additional Rs. 3,000 per team.

  • Mixed IMP Pairs STRATA II
    • No entry fee for this event. Non qualifiers from Mixed IMP Pairs elimination round can only participate in this event.
  • Open MP Pairs STRATA II
    • No entry fee for this event. Non qualifiers from MP Pairs elimination round can only participate in this event.
  • IMP Pairs Strata II
    • No entry fee for this event. Non qualifiers from IMP Pairs elimination round can only participate in this event.

Note: There will be a 50% concession on entry fee for a Team / Pair consisting of all under-30 players.

Important Notes for the Participants

  • In SILVER event, a team can have only one “National Master or above level player”, who will be treated as the team mentor. All other players should be below the rank of “National Master”. In case, a team is found to have more than one player above “National Master” level, the team will get scratched from Silver event.
  • Any player who has played in any of the Previous Finals of HCL Team of Four – Silver event (from 2013 onwards) will be treated as equivalent to “National Masters” for this purpose, irrespective of the fact that he / she may not have attained the status of “National Master” in terms of Master Points.
  • All foreign teams will participate in the GOLD event only, unless tournament committee gives them special permission to participate in “SILVER” category.
  • The MPs to be considered for participation in the Silver event will be as on 1st Sep 2024.
  • The TOP 26 pairs from Elimination-3 round of MP Pairs will qualify for MP Pairs GOLD final, whereas pairs ranked 27-52 will play in the MP Pairs SILVER final. The rest of the Elimination-3 qualifiers will be seeded to the IMP Pairs final.
  • The Match Point Pairs STRATA – II is only for those non qualifiers, who could not qualify to the elim-2 round of the MP Pairs event. Similarly the Mixed IMP Pairs Strata-II and IMP Pairs STRATA – II is only for those non-qualifiers, who have played the elimination event but could not qualify to the Finals. Any non-qualifier not interested to play the STRATA-II event is kindly requested to inform the same to TC Pant through WhatsApp (Mob: 9811094407) or personally at the venue.
  • Registration for all events will only be done online. The Registration will be considered “complete”, only once the payment of entry fee is made online through the payment gateway on the registration page. All non-payment entries may be deleted 10 days before the entry due date.
  • No entry for team event (Gold & Silver) will be accepted after the stipulated closing time of 2000 hrs on Monday, September 9, 2024.
  • All teams are advised to register their entries in advance on website. The following persons can be contacted for any clarification:
    T.C.Pant - Tel: +91 9811094407 Email:
    Sudhir Aggarwal – Tel: +91 9810100361 Email:
    Srinivasan Iyengar - Tel: +91 9974164676 Email:
  • Closing time for entries of Mixed IMP Pairs is 2100 hrs on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.
  • Closing time for entries of MP Pairs is 2100 hrs on Monday, September 16, 2024.
  • Closing time for entries of IMP Pairs is 2030 hrs on Thursday, September 19, 2024.
  • Sponsor will have a quota of 2 Pairs, directly seeded to the MP Pairs GOLD Final. Sponsor can nominate any player to play in the final, irrespective of whether the player has played in elimination round or not. However, a sponsored player is not eligible for Ranking Points, if he / she has played first in elimination and then after non qualifying has again re-entered.
  • Participating players are required to take their seats as per the program; failure to do so will result in penalty.
  • Displaying of properly filled convention cards at the table is compulsory. Copies of blank Convention cards will be made available at the venue.
  • Players will be provided Lunch at the venue. Tea /coffee and snacks during scheduled tea breaks, will also be provided.
  • Players are requested not to bring Tea/Coffee/Cold drinks/Lunch inside the playing arena.
  • Please visit the Tournament web site for accommodation details in nearby hotels and their contacts. Details will be updated around 15th July 2024.
  • The applicable Supplementary Conditions of Contest (SCoC) will be published on the tournament web site by 1st July 2024.
  • Tournament will follow the WBF - 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.
  • The organizing committee has the right to change the tournament schedule and format, if deemed necessary.
  • All prize money will be credited to the winner bank accounts within 15-20 days of the final day of the tournament, with the condition that player has sent the required documents asked by the HCL accounts department for transferring the same into the bank accounts.


All entries for Team and Pairs events have to be submitted online. The following is the procedure for online entries:

  • Click on Register Here for registering your entry for an event.
  • Enter all the details in Registration form and submit your entry.
  • A prompt will appear on the screen to pay the entry fee. Pay your entry fee online with the help of the link provided.
  • After successful payment of entry fee, your entry would be visible on the respective page. Check the status of your entry by clicking on the link of the respective event.

Registration of entry is complete only after Payment of entry fee.

In case of any query regarding registration, please contact one of the following persons:

    • T. C. Pant
    • Tel: +91 9811094407
    • Sudhir Aggarwal
    • Tel: +91 9810100361
    • Srinivasan Iyengar
    • Tel: +91 9974164676