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Sports is the bedrock of many a life's lessons, such as realizing the true meaning of competition, fair play, and nurturing a sporting spirit. HCL has taken it upon itself to promote sports and thereby do its share of inculcating the spirit of sportsmanship in society at large.

HCL Bridge is one such initiative through which HCL extends its commitment to the pure joy of indulging in a mind-stimulating game. It is the objective of the platform to build conversations around this game of intellect, facilitate dialogue amongst enthusiasts, convene membership, and inspire excellence in bridge.

HCL International Bridge Championship


The HCL International Bridge Championship was established in the year 2003 by Mrs. Kiran Nadar, one of the top Indian players of competitive bridge, to promote the sport in India. This year's tournament offers 18 Million (USD 275,000) as prize money to winners.

Mrs. Kiran Nadar is a member of the "FORMIDABLES" team, which has not only won many laurels at the National level but also has represented India several times in international competitive bridge events. Mrs. Kiran Nadar is married to Mr. Shiv Nadar, who is the Founder of HCL, India's leading Global Technology and IT Enterprise - which is the sponsor for this prestigious event.

This annual tournament consists of the "Team of Four Gold and Silver" events as well as "Open Pairs and IMP Pairs" events.

Naresh Tandan Trophy for Winner of Team of Four Gold Event – This trophy has been instituted in the name of Late Shri Naresh Tandan (Mrs. Kiran Nadar's Father). He was an engineer and worked for Voltas most of his life. He was a very compassionate human being and loved the game of Bridge so much that Kiran and her younger brother were initiated into it, when she was all of 9 years old and her brother three years younger.

Mohini Tandan Trophy for Winner of Team of Four Silver event - This trophy has been instituted in the name of Late Mrs. Mohini Tandan (Mrs. Kiran Nadar's mother).

Neena Bonarji Trophy for Winner of Open Pairs Event – This trophy has been instituted in the name of Late Mrs. Neena Bonarji by her daughter Nisha. Mrs. Neena Bonarji was a lady par excellence, a true friend, a great player and even a greater ambassador of this game. Kiran was fortunate enough to have played with her as a partner or as a teammate over the years.

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12.1 Million prize money


Million prize money

HCL 42nd World Bridge Championship 2015

HCL 42 World Bridge Championship 2015

HCL was the title sponsor of the 42nd World Bridge Championship that was held in Chennai. This was the first time that the championship was held in India. The championship was played out over 15 days with teams competing to win the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and D'Orsi Seniors Trophy.







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