Supplemental Conditions of Contest (SCoC)

Bridge is a strategy game that teaches one to be of a tougher mindset, to use one’s intellect to maximum capacity, communicate powerfully and to pursue victory diligently. It is these qualities that makes bridge a perfect fit for HCL.

The Championship is the premier bridge tournament in the country and the biggest In terms of the prize money and participation levels. It is now part of the World Bridge Tour (under WBF) and is registered Category B event of WBF. The last championship in 2023 had a prize purse of Rs. 26 million. The previous editions of the tournament have witnessed participation by over 1000 players from 185 teams. International teams having players from USA, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Netherlands, Israel, Sweden, Iceland, South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Denmark, Romania, Japan, Thailand, Jordan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh have participated in the last few editions of the Championship.

The 21st HCL International Bridge Championship will be held from September 14 – 22 , 2024. Venue and total prize money will be announced soon. The Championship will have three main events:

  • Team of Four Gold- Winners will be awarded the ‘Naresh Tandan Trophy’
  • Team of Four Sliver- Winners will be awarded the ‘Mohlni Tandan Trophy’
  • Open Pairs- Winners will be awarded the ‘Neena Bonarji Trophy’

Important dates:

  • Mixed Pairs Event – September 14 – 15, 2024
  • 21st HCL International Bridge Championship (Main Event) – September 16 – 21, 2024
  • ProAm Event – September 22, 2024. There will be maximum of 36 pairs in this event. For more details, contact Mr. Sandeep Thakral (+91 9910034918)