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HCL has partnered with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), the governing body that organizes and conducts various Bridge tournament in US and Canada, to support the summer North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

Bridge is a niche game of strategy and mental prowess and teaches one to be of a tougher mind-set, to use one’s intellect to maximum capacity, communicate powerfully and to pursue victory diligently. It is for these very merits that HCL finds a perfect fit in Bridge. HCL has been supporting the sport of Bridge in India for the last 15 years.

North America is home to some of the best bridge players in the world and the sport enjoys a wide follower base in the region. Having established a strong foothold in the arena of Bridge in India, HCL has now decided to widen its support for the game and partner with ACBL for the summer NABC. Currently 170,000+ Bridge players are registered with ACBL and the summer NABC has invited participation of over 6000 Bridge enthusiasts. With this partnership, we hope to bring an institutional level of support to the game in the US and help improve the overall experience for the players at the Championship.