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Welcome to the 14th Edition of HCL Bridge Championship

October 17, 2016

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Kiran Nadar and other members of organizing committee, it is my pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to all of you from all over India and at the same time I request all of us to welcome our friends from various countries who should go back with fond memories with a desire to come back again and again.

We all know that Kiran has taken many initiatives over the years to promote this wonderful MIND SPORT that we all love. At personal level she formed a bridge team named FORMIDABLES many years ago with a desire to play ONE Bermuda Bowl. In the process she not only became a formidable player but her team has already played many Bermuda bowls and will continue to represent India at many international championships. One of the pairs of her team – SUNIT CHOKSHI and KEYZAD ANKLESARIA recently won a Bronze medal at world championship in Poland. Congratulations to both.

Another bronze medals was won by one of our senior pairs – ALOKE KUMAR SADHU and BADAL DAS – very well done for making India proud.

Kiran started this tournament in 2003 in memory of her father and it slowly grew in stature and became the most popular on Indian Bridge calendar. She was instrumental in getting India to host the first world championships in Chennai in 2015 which was wonderfully organized by Bridge Federation of India and applauded by world bridge federation and all the participants.

Not to let the stagnation creep in and to expand the foot print of HCL across bridge world – she decided to make this tournament bigger and better and give it an international flavor starting this year. Prize money has been increased to make it probably the second highest amount in world bridge. We plan to make it the highest prize money tournament in the world over next 2-3 years. We may also make it a 6-days extravaganza so that we may start the knock-out phase from the round of 16 onwards. Also on the agenda is to divide the field into three categories – GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. Bronze category will encourage new and not so experienced players to participate in larger numbers.

Like the saying there is a woman behind a successful man – we have a person named SHIV NADAR , Kiran’s husband without whose support and encouragement , Kiran could not have initiated and fulfilled her desire to reach where she has reached in Bridge and share the pleasure with Bridge fraternity.

Shiv also used to play few hands of bridge in his younger days but being the chairman of HCL group which has its presence in more than 20 countries can hardly be blamed for not finding time to relax at bridge table.


Talking about international flavor, we have teams coming from USA , Poland , Bulgaria, Russia , Israel , Jordan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka well a team led by none other than the legendary Zia Mahmood. Zia needs no introduction – In my opinion no other person could have been a better ambassador of bridge in modern times. WELCOME Zia bhai to your second home away from home.

It is unfortunate that we could not get more foreign teams this year, Indonesia had to cancel few days ago because of some last minute problem. Teams from France , England , Norway , Australia and few other countries could not come because of their commitments to other tournaments. Sabine Aucken – numero uno in women category in the whole world has promised to come next year if the timing is right. We would love to see an Italian team as well as the team led by Mr. Frank Zimmerman among us. I am quite confident that teams from Japan and china will come next year onwards.


Exact dates and other relevant details will be published within a month so that players from all over the world can plan well ahead . Please check the website .We would expect at least 25-30 teams next year from outside India and the numbers will grow over the years to come.

Next year we plan to definitely invite two other living legends of Bridge – Mr.Benito Garrozzo and Mr, Bob Hamman . Hope they will find time to come and enjoy some of the Indian hospitality and show the world how the bridge should be played.

So GUYS and GALS – Enjoy this festival of bridge – play in right spirit – be courteous to our guests – make less noise – help us start the game SHARP on time. SMOKERS – please not too many quick puffs every few minutes !! Penalties will be imposed for late arrivals as well as for any other indiscipline.

One more humble request – let us try and not have any disputes at the table which lead to appeals.

Unfortunately – No daily bulletin this year because our bulletin editor had to cancel due to some unavoidable commitment. However we will be putting up live news from venue at the regular intervals on the web site.

Subhash Gupta
Organizing Secretary

(Incidently Kiran is a happy grand mother of two and has a museum of art in Delhi supporting many artists from around the world)