HCL - Entries


  • Select the Event you wish to enter.
  • Enter the team name in case of team events. Team name must comprise 3 to 22 characters. Use only 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, ten digits (0,1,2,..), dot and space.
  • Select the number of players 4 to 6 for team events. No team with less than 4 players can be registered.
  • For pair events, only two names can be registered. Trios are not allowed.
  • Enter the 6 Digit Player ID (which is based on BFI Master Point Registration number for Indian Players). This is compulsory for all Bridge players. You can search your Player ID on Players page. After you enter valid Player ID, the name will appear automatically in the Player Name field.
  • Kindly provide the email address of the captain (preferably) for all communications.
  • Enter additional information you may like to provide in Comments field.
  • Indian Bridge players who don't have BFI MP Registration Number must contact their state association to register. After obtaining BFI MP No, kindly email to Sudhir Aggarwal (sgaggarwal@gmail.com) for obtaining your Player ID.