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  • This site provides information regarding Bridge players registered on hcl-bridge.com. Various personal details, contact information and playing record in HCL bridge championships may be available here.
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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Vahalia, K V 400533 BM000533 Life Master India
Vahalia, Parimal Vaikuntlal 380160 GTA00160 National Master India
Vaidya, Arvind 401332 BM001332 Advance Life Master India
Vaidya, Ashok Vishwanath 410179 PM000179 Senior Life Master India
Vaidya, Jitu 380352 GTA00352 New Entrant India
Vaidya, Suhas V 410121 PM000121 Grand Master India
Vainikonis, Erikas 937002 LTU&500037 Lithuania
Vaish, Ajay 220727 UP000727 Local Master India
Valada, Poornachandra 610517 TM000517 New Entrant India
van Prooijen, Ricco 931005 NED6730239 Netherlands
Vanchev, Angel 935902 BUL10402 Bulgaria
Varade, Keshav B 340023 SO000023 New Entrant India
Varshney, Kalpna 110548 D0000548 New Entrant India
Varshney, Mahendra Pal 110620 D0000620 New Entrant India
Vasanthakumar, V 994004 SRI01 Sri Lanka
Vasudev, C M 110615 D0000615 New Entrant India
Vasudev, Vasanthi 610542 TM000542 New Entrant India
Vasudevan, M J R 610187 TM000187 National Master India
Vasudevan, T S 610219 TM000219 New Entrant India
Vasudevan, Vijay K 901018 USAO698468 United States
Venkataraman, K R 610259 TM000259 Grand Master India
Venkatesh, A S 610196 TM000196 Local Master India
Venkatesh, G 610490 TM000490 National Master India
Venkatesh, Ramaratnam 560312 KS000312 Advance Life Master India
Venkateswarlu, B 520019 APS00019 National Master India
Venugopala Krishna, K 500544 TG000544 Local Master India
Verghese, Jacob 500533 TG000533 Local Master India
Verhees, Louk 931006 NED8741943 Netherlands
Verma, Amitabh 800026 B0000026 New Entrant India
Verma, Ashok Kumar 800031 B0000031 New Entrant India
Verma, Ram Sanjeevan 220343 UP000343 New Entrant India
Verma, S K 480632 MP000632 New Entrant India
Verma, Shrikant 480229 MP000229 New Entrant India
Vichare, Suhas 401441 BM001441 Local Master India
Vijan, Chander Bhan 110434 D0000434 New Entrant India
Vijay, Shiromani 561096 KS001096 New Entrant India
Vijay Kumar, K 500538 TG000538 Life Master India
Vijayakar, Sukrit M 400820 BM000820 Local Master India
Vijayraghavan, S 610463 TM000463 National Master India
Vijayshankar, K 610535 TM000535 New Entrant India
Vijaywargiya, Anil 480195 MP000195 Master India
Vikor, Daniel 936001 HUN92 Hungary
Vir, Chand 110509 D0000509 New Entrant India
Vishwakarma, Ashish Kumar 781192 ASM01192 New Entrant India
Vishwakarma, K P 480241 MP000241 New Entrant India
Vishwanathan, Veena 110333 D0000333 New Entrant India
Viswanathan, A S 610425 TM000425 Senior Master India
Vyas, Akanksha 300408 RJ000408 Local Master India
Vyas, Dilip 380198 GTA00198 New Entrant India
Vyas, Gajendra Kumar 300378 RJ000378 Senior Master India
Vyas, K R 400286 BM000286 Local Master India