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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Saberwal, Ravi 706305 WB006305 National Master India
Sabherwal, K K 110054 D0000054 Senior Master India
Saboo, Rajesh V 440421 NM000421 Local Master India
Saboo, Vilas 440233 NM000233 Senior Master India
Sachdev, Monica 997110 UAE10 United Arab Emirates
Sachdeva, D 110632 D0000632 New Entrant India
Sachdeva, Monica 110571 D0000571 New Entrant India
Sacheti, Ajeet 480012 MP000012 New Entrant India
Sadarangani, Mohit 390111 GTB00111 New Entrant India
Sadhak, Sujit 706929 WB006929 Master India
Sadhu, Aloke Kumar 703732 WB003732 Grand Master India
Sadhu, Biplab 707567 WB007567 New Entrant India
Sadhu, Samir Kumar 707946 WB007946 New Entrant India
Sadhukhan, Ashis 707823 WB007823 New Entrant India
Sadhukhan, Sabyasachi 707118 WB007118 Master India
Saha, Ajay Kumar 800474 B0000474 New Entrant India
Saha, Asim 707577 WB007577 New Entrant India
Saha, Bhabesh 703738 WB003738 Grand Master India
Saha, Bishwajit 988014 BAN&500065 Bangladesh
Saha, Biswanath 701946 WB001946 New Entrant India
Saha, Bulu 701550 WB001550 Master India
Saha, Dibyojyoti 707764 WB007764 New Entrant India
Saha, Gobinda 707968 WB007968 New Entrant India
Saha, Manas 706655 WB006655 Master India
Saha, Mridul 707898 WB007898 New Entrant India
Saha, Partho Sarathi 701553 WB001553 Local Master India
Saha, Prabir K 705562 WB005562 Local Master India
Saha, Pradip Kumar 702278 WB002278 Senior Master India
Saha, Prasanta 708028 WB008028 New Entrant India
Saha, Sanat Kumar 701122 WB001122 Life Master India
Saha, Subrata 701002 WB001002 Grand Master India
Saha, Sudeep 702286 WB002286 Local Master India
Saha, Swetadri 705957 WB005957 Master India
Sahajahan, Md 708016 WB008016 New Entrant India
Sahastrabuddhe, Aditi 410336 PM000336 Senior Master India
Sahastrabuddhe, Ajay 480182 MP000182 New Entrant India
Sahay, A N 800280 B0000280 Master India
Sahay, A N 800238 B0000238 New Entrant India
Sahay, Sanjiv 801050 B0001050 New Entrant India
Sahoo, Bijiya K 220338 UP000338 New Entrant India
Sahoo, G N 750105 O0000105 New Entrant India
Sahu, Dinabandhu 750096 O0000096 Master India
Saigal, R K 110634 D0000634 New Entrant India
Saikia, Joy 781086 ASM01086 New Entrant India
Saikia, Param 110631 D0000631 New Entrant India
Sain, Aparna 401463 BM001463 Local Master India
Sajjad, Syed Zahid 988017 BAN03 Bangladesh
Saldanha, Ajit 560823 KS000823 Senior Master India
Sama, J K 160003 CH000003 New Entrant India
Samaddar, Dilip 705855 WB005855 Local Master India
Samant, Keshav Sakharam 400226 BM000226 Grand Master India
Samant, Pramod 400490 BM000490 National Master India
Samanta, Partho Sarathi 701898 WB001898 Master India
Samjee, Ashok 927003 RSA&500095 South Africa
Sancheti, A L 480301 MP000301 New Entrant India
Sanders, Derek 944018 SCO&500142 Scotland
Sanghavi, Aswin 401622 BM001622 New Entrant India
Sanghi, Ratan Lal 110346 D0000346 National Master India
Sanghvi, Aniket Dilip 410312 PM000312 Master India
Sant, Sudhir Chintaman 410395 PM000395 New Entrant India
Santra, Deepak 701714 WB001714 Grand Master India
Santra, Mithun 707990 WB007990 New Entrant India
Santra, Prakriti Ranjan 707835 WB007835 New Entrant India
Santra, Raju 707797 WB007797 New Entrant India
Sanyal, Amalendu 704504 WB004504 Senior Master India
Sanyal, Amar Nath 703369 WB003369 Senior Master India
Sanyal, Asoke 705106 WB005106 New Entrant India
Sanzgiri, Aniruddha P 401262 BM001262 National Master India
Sao, Pintu 480818 MP000818 New Entrant India
Saraf, Promila 110367 D0000367 Local Master India
Sardar, Aloke Kumar 705310 WB005310 Local Master India
Sardar, Gopes 702077 WB002077 New Entrant India
Sarder, Prabir Kumar 708049 WB008049 New Entrant India
Sarder, Swapan 701537 WB001537 New Entrant India
Sarin, Rekha 110527 D0000527 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Abhishek 707939 WB007939 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Amal Kumar 707644 WB007644 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Anindra Kumar 707599 WB007599 Senior Master India
Sarkar, Anirban 701379 WB001379 Local Master India
Sarkar, Ashis Kumar 703961 WB003961 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Avijit 401502 BM001502 National Master India
Sarkar, Bhaskar 707501 WB007501 Senior Master India
Sarkar, Dipak 706968 WB006968 Local Master India
Sarkar, Jayanta 706216 WB006216 Senior Master India
Sarkar, Kanai Lal 703446 WB003446 Master India
Sarkar, Partha 702033 WB002033 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Priyotosh 706194 WB006194 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Rajib 707924 WB007924 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Shibnath De 704281 WB004281 Grand Master India
Sarkar, Soham 707989 WB007989 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Subhasish 706887 WB006887 National Master India
Sarkar, Subrata 707422 WB007422 New Entrant India
Sarkar, Sukalyan 705450 WB005450 Senior Master India
Sarkar, Tapas Kumar 707639 WB007639 New Entrant India
Sarker, Pranta 988032 BAN&500081 Bangladesh
Sarma, C B B 560247 KS000247 Master India
Sasmal, Anirban 707874 WB007874 Local Master India
Sastry, B S 500439 TG000439 Master India
Sastry, S R S 560827 KS000827 New Entrant India
Sathe, A G 450215 TBM00215 New Entrant India
Sathe, Anil G 410315 PM000315 Master India
Satyanarayana, Bachiraju 110223 D0000223 Grand Master India
Satyanarayana, S 561109 KS001109 New Entrant India
Sawhney, Ravi 110371 D0000371 Local Master India
Sawhney, Vijay K 110266 D0000266 Senior Master India
Sawhny, Arjun 110590 D0000590 New Entrant India
Saxena, Akhilesh Kumar 480237 MP000237 New Entrant India
Saxena, M K 401451 BM001451 Local Master India
Saxena, Rekha 480837 MP000837 New Entrant India
Seenivasagan, B 600091 TC000091 Master India
Seetharamaiah, D 500435 TG000435 Senior Master India
Sehgal, Asha 110391 D0000391 New Entrant India
Semenov, Ivan 907010 RUS&500136 Russia
Sementa, Antonio 939003 ITASMN010 Italy
Sen, Arun 170096 HP000096 New Entrant India
Sen, Ashok Kumar 560710 KS000710 New Entrant India
Sen, Chanchal 701360 WB001360 New Entrant India
Sen, Kumkum 561095 KS001095 New Entrant India
Sen, Ranjit 380355 GTA00355 New Entrant India
Sen, Sankar 703432 WB003432 Local Master India
Senapati, Kartik Chandra 750148 O0000148 Local Master India
Sengupta, Anirban 707683 WB007683 New Entrant India
Sengupta, Chinmoy 700037 WB000037 National Master India
Sengupta, Dipak Kumar 707515 WB007515 New Entrant India
Sengupta, Dipankar 703434 WB003434 New Entrant India
Sengupta, J B 110224 D0000224 Senior Master India
Sengupta, Pralay 707809 WB007809 New Entrant India
Sengupta, Subrata 704274 WB004274 Senior Master India
Sengupta, Suman 703448 WB003448 National Master India
Senior, Brian 944015 ENG61831 England
Sensarma, Joyjit 110384 D0000384 National Master India
Sequeira, Archie R D 400234 BM000234 Grand Master India
Seth, Rakesh 110564 D0000564 New Entrant India
Seth, Suresh 110562 D0000562 New Entrant India
Seth, Vinod Kumar 170017 HP000017 Local Master India
Sethna, Anila 380195 GTA00195 New Entrant India
Sethna, Jahangir 380200 GTA00200 New Entrant India
Shah, Alpesh 390113 GTB00113 New Entrant India
Shah, Anal B 400974 BM000974 Grand Master India
Shah, Ashwin 925401 KEN&500019 Kenya
Shah, Bahubali 380196 GTA00196 New Entrant India
Shah, Bharat 401548 BM001548 Local Master India
Shah, Bipin 380174 GTA00174 Master India
Shah, Chetan 400782 BM000782 Local Master India
Shah, Janak 400030 BM000030 Senior Master India
Shah, Jenish 401558 BM001558 Master India
Shah, Jitendra 410393 PM000393 New Entrant India
Shah, Jyotindra M 400021 BM000021 Grand Master India
Shah, Mayank 380353 GTA00353 New Entrant India
Shah, Minal 410394 PM000394 New Entrant India
Shah, Narendra Mohanlal 401538 BM001538 New Entrant India
Shah, Nina Rajiv 380289 GTA00289 Senior Master India
Shah, Nitin 370040 GTS00040 Life Master India
Shah, Prafula 925402 KEN&500042 Kenya
Shah, Sidhartha B 380088 GTA00088 New Entrant India
Shah, Sunil 380357 GTA00357 New Entrant India
Shah, Swapneel 380359 GTA00359 New Entrant India
Shah, Vasanti 400800 BM000800 Senior Master India
Shah, Yogesh B 400975 BM000975 Local Master India
Shankar, Narayanan 401608 BM001608 New Entrant India
Sharma, Anil 170007 HP000007 New Entrant India
Sharma, Anuj 220085 UP000085 New Entrant India
Sharma, Asha 110309 D0000309 Senior Master India
Sharma, D P 110307 D0000307 India
Sharma, Krishna Kumar 220758 UP000758 New Entrant India
Sharma, Madhu Sudan 110220 D0000220 Senior Master India
Sharma, Naba Jyoti 781040 ASM01040 New Entrant India
Sharma, Namit 110441 D0000441 Senior Master India
Sharma, Narendra Kumar 300356 RJ000356 Senior Master India
Sharma, P K 110640 D0000640 New Entrant India
Sharma, P M 300367 RJ000367 Local Master India
Sharma, Rakesh 925404 KEN&500026 Kenya
Sharma, Rakesh K 140005 PBA00005 New Entrant India
Sharma, S K 560836 KS000836 New Entrant India
Sharma, S K 300197 RJ000197 Senior Master India
Sharma, S P 160020 CH000020 Local Master India
Sharma, Sarita 110582 D0000582 New Entrant India
Sharma, Shalini 110623 D0000623 New Entrant India
Sharma, Sham 110084 D0000084 Senior Master India
Sharma, Shankar Lal 560835 KS000835 Senior Master India
Sharma, Sunil 170103 HP000103 New Entrant India
Sharma, Uma Shankar 801057 B0001057 New Entrant India
Sharma, Vinay 400015 BM000015 Master India
Sharma, Vinod 220401 UP000401 National Master India
Sharma, Virendra Kumar 780389 ASM00389 Local Master India
Shaw, Bhubanjit 701891 WB001891 New Entrant India
Shaw, Binod Kumar 707768 WB007768 National Master India
Shee, Dibyendu 704532 WB004532 Senior Master India
Shee, Soumendu 708034 WB008034 New Entrant India
Shejwalkar, Prabhakar B 400979 BM000979 New Entrant India
Shetty, Rahul 401528 BM001528 Senior Master India
Shinde, N B 400984 BM000984 Senior Master India
Shinde, S V 400789 BM000789 National Master India
Shirole, Nitin I 410197 PM000197 Senior Master India
Shivdasani, Jaggy B 400034 BM000034 Grand Master India
Shivdasani, Mukesh 110225 D0000225 Senior Master India
Shivhare, R P 110455 D0000455 New Entrant India
Shivram, Ravi 400986 BM000986 Master India
Shriram, Richa 110497 D0000497 New Entrant India
Shrivastava, S P 480214 MP000214 New Entrant India
Shukla, Ramesh Kumar 220262 UP000262 Senior Master India
Shyam Sundar, K N 560260 KS000260 Life Master India
Sian, R P 160050 CH000050 New Entrant India
Sicka, Bimal M 400251 BM000251 Advance Life Master India
Siddiqui, Razi Ahmed 220756 UP000756 Senior Master India
Sielicki, Tomasz 948008 POL09643 Poland
Sigurjonsson, Julius 935406 ISL&500093 Iceland
Sikand, K B 110063 D0000063 Senior Master India
Sil, Samir Kumar 705138 WB005138 New Entrant India
Sil, Saurav 702829 WB002829 New Entrant India
Silverman, Neil 901004 USAJ709925 United States
Sima, Robert 560818 KS000818 New Entrant India
Singapuri, Yvetter 400240 BM000240 Senior Master India
Singh, Ajay Kumar 800024 B0000024 New Entrant India
Singh, Anirudh 220034 UP000034 Local Master India
Singh, Ashok 110586 D0000586 New Entrant India
Singh, B P 220256 UP000256 Senior Master India
Singh, Giriraj 999904 India
Singh, Govinder 160004 CH000004 New Entrant India
Singh, Gur Iqbal 160009 CH000009 New Entrant India
Singh, Harbhajan 110048 D0000048 Senior Master India
Singh, Hemant Kumar 220331 UP000331 Local Master India
Singh, Inderjeet 400509 BM000509 Master India
Singh, J P 800311 B0000311 New Entrant India
Singh, Jagendra 220319 UP000319 New Entrant India
Singh, Jaglal 830125 JH000125 New Entrant India
Singh, Kameshwar 800011 B0000011 Master India
Singh, Kanwarjit 110608 D0000608 New Entrant India
Singh, Kawaljit 110209 D0000209 Local Master India
Singh, Kushal 110508 D0000508 New Entrant India
Singh, Madhur (Daisy) 110537 D0000537 New Entrant India
Singh, Narendra 300400 RJ000400 New Entrant India
Singh, Pradeep Anand 220026 UP000026 Life Master India
Singh, Prithvi 999901 India
Singh, R K 800314 B0000314 New Entrant India
Singh, R.B. 801048 B0001048 New Entrant India
Singh, Rabindra Kumar 800085 B0000085 New Entrant India
Singh, Raj 110256 D0000256 New Entrant India
Singh, Rajpal 999906 India
Singh, Ran Vijay Kumar 800112 B0000112 New Entrant India
Singh, Rinku 110480 D0000480 New Entrant India
Singh, Sanjeev Kumar 110362 D0000362 New Entrant India
Singh, Saurabh 999905 India
Singh, Sunil Kumar 830095 JH000095 New Entrant India
Singh, Surendra 300399 RJ000399 New Entrant India
Singh, Surinder 160107 CH000107 New Entrant India
Singh, Umesh Kumar 220320 UP000320 New Entrant India
Singh, Vandana D 110532 D0000532 New Entrant India
Singh, Vijay 110643 D0000643 New Entrant India
Singh, Vijayanand 220376 UP000376 Life Master India
Singh, Virendra 220326 UP000326 Master India
Singh, Yashpal 220318 UP000318 New Entrant India
Singha, Gobinda 700004 WB000004 Grand Master India
Singha Roy, Bimal 702001 WB002001 Master India
Singha Roy, Tonmoy 707798 WB007798 New Entrant India
Singla, Surendra Kumar 220315 UP000315 New Entrant India
Sinha, A K 110337 D0000337 Local Master India
Sinha, Alok 220437 UP000437 Local Master India
Sinha, Alok Kumar 801040 B0001040 New Entrant India
Sinha, Arun Kumar 220398 UP000398 Life Master India
Sinha, Arun Kumar 800013 B0000013 New Entrant India
Sinha, Ashok K 110488 D0000488 New Entrant India
Sinha, Ashok Kumar 702643 WB002643 New Entrant India
Sinha, D N 390064 GTB00064 New Entrant India
Sinha, Devki Nandan 800191 B0000191 New Entrant India
Sinha, Dinesh 702682 WB002682 Local Master India
Sinha, Girija 110619 D0000619 New Entrant India
Sinha, M M 110430 D0000430 New Entrant India
Sinha, M M 300409 RJ000409 New Entrant India
Sinha, N K 110505 D0000505 New Entrant India
Sinha, Priya Ranjan 560797 KS000797 National Master India
Sinha, Rajan 801044 B0001044 New Entrant India
Sinha, Rajni Kant 702050 WB002050 Local Master India
Sinha, Ranjeet Kumar 801046 B0001046 New Entrant India
Sinha, Sunil Kumar 830094 B0001053 National Master India
Sinha, Surendra Kumar 800016 B0000016 New Entrant India
Sinha, Suresh Prasad 800012 B0000012 Master India
Sinha Roy, Priya Ranjan 701456 WB001456 Senior Master India
Sinsunwal, Satti 110611 D0000611 New Entrant India
Sirohia, Rajendra 701556 WB001556 Senior Master India
Sirsi, Dinkar N 560586 KS000586 Local Master India
Smith, Ron 901005 USAN302935 United States
Solani, Jitendra J 400233 BM000233 Grand Master India
Somani, Anant Vikram 401555 BM001555 Local Master India
Somani, Rajesh 400797 BM000797 Local Master India
Some, Swapan 705581 WB005581 Advance Life Master India
Sonak, Ajoy 401309 BM001309 Local Master India
Sondhi, Sanjay Kumar 560825 KS000825 Local Master India
Soni, Devender 110642 D0000642 New Entrant India
Soni, M L 480842 MP000842 New Entrant India
Soni, S N 300372 RJ000372 Senior Master India
Sonti, Suraj 561106 KS001106 New Entrant India
Sood, Atulya 170095 HP000095 New Entrant India
Sophonpanich, Esther C 966001 THA8472 Thailand
Soysa, Dilanjan 994009 SRI02 Sri Lanka
Spears, Brian 944019 SCO&500178 Scotland
Spiegelberg, Klaus 949004 GER02 Germany
Sprinkhuizen, Thibo 931004 NED10831827 Netherlands
Sreekrishnan, R 610305 TM000305 Senior Life Master India
Sridhar, D R 560040 KS000040 Local Master India
Sridharan, Padmanabhan 610277 TM000277 Senior Life Master India
Sridharan, R 400049 BM000049 Grand Master India
Srinivas, K 500448 TG000448 Senior Master India
Srinivas, K 500114 TG000114 Life Master India
Srinivas, M S 520016 APS00016 Senior Master India
Srinivas Rao, C 500449 TG000449 Senior Master India
Srinivasan, Arvind 400548 BM000548 National Master India
Srinivasan, Karthik 561002 KS001002 New Entrant India
Srinivasan, S 610476 TM000476 New Entrant India
Srinivasan, Sampath 410372 PM000372 Senior Master India
Srivastava, Anand Kumar 220750 UP000750 New Entrant India
Srivastava, Anil Kumar 220321 UP000321 Local Master India
Srivastava, Arun Kumar 220659 UP000659 Master India
Srivastava, S P 220277 UP000277 Master India
Stamatov, Jerry 935901 BUL10029 Bulgaria
Stefanov, Julian 935906 BUL&500037 Bulgaria
Stern, Levy 997201 ISR&500029 Israel
Stocken, Simon 944002 ENG01 England
Stokka, Adam 946005 SWE30515 Sweden
Strzemecki, Wojciech 948002 POL2806 Poland
Subba Rao, M V 500472 TG000472 National Master India
Subedar, 220344 UP000344 New Entrant India
Subnis, Vipin 390115 GTB00115 New Entrant India
Subramaniam, R N 610171 TM000171 Senior Master India
Subramanian, Harihara 610482 TM000482 Local Master India
Subramaniyam, J 500480 TG000480 New Entrant India
Subramanyam, M B V 500456 TG000456 Senior Master India
Sud, Anil 170050 HP000050 New Entrant India
Sudan, Geeta 110507 D0000507 New Entrant India
Sudhakar Rao, P 520006 APS00006 Life Master India
Sudhanand, D 500460 TG000460 Master India
Sultana, Sharmin 988044 BAN&500092 Bangladesh
Sumon, Mahamudul Hasan 988027 BAN&500070 Bangladesh
Sundaram, Guru Shankar 610543 TM000543 New Entrant India
Sundareshan, S 560900 KS000900 New Entrant India
Sunder Kumar, P H 520088 APS00088 Senior Master India
Sunderram, S 610174 TM000174 Advance Life Master India
Sur, Sujit Kumar 707005 WB007005 Local Master India
Surana, Asha 110381 D0000381 Master India
Surana, Gajendra 300386 RJ000386 New Entrant India
Surana, Poonam 401620 BM001620 New Entrant India
Sureshbabu, A V 401587 BM001587 Local Master India
Suri, Gautam 110472 D0000472 New Entrant India
Suriya, Peeracha 966010 THA&500123 Thailand
Surve, S G 400515 BM000515 National Master India
Suryanarayana, K 500468 TG000468 Life Master India
Svangsopakul, Charnchai 966005 THA&500124 Thailand
Svangsopakul, Vallapa 966002 THA&500014 Thailand
Swaika, Navneet 707386 WB007386 Local Master India
Swaminathan, K S 610498 TM000498 Local Master India
Swamy, P R 520074 APS00074 Local Master India
Syal, S K 110361 D0000361 Local Master India