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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Pachtman, Ron 997207 ISR014659 Israel
Padhye, Anil P 400185 BM000185 Grand Master India
Pahwa, Gita 110585 D0000585 New Entrant India
Pai, B P S 560636 KS000636 Senior Master India
Pal, Abhijit 401586 BM001586 New Entrant India
Pal, Amit 701771 WB001771 Local Master India
Pal, Dipankar 707291 WB007291 New Entrant India
Pal, Ghanashyam 704900 WB004900 Local Master India
Pal, Kajal 706512 WB006512 Local Master India
Pal, Malay 701338 WB001338 New Entrant India
Pal, Rajat 500361 TG000361 Master India
Pal, Sajal 703975 WB003975 Local Master India
Pal, Samir 706416 WB006416 National Master India
Pal, U K 110338 D0000338 New Entrant India
Pal, Yash 240103 UTR00103 New Entrant India
Palandi, A K 480628 MP000628 New Entrant India
Palit, Amit 708041 WB008041 New Entrant India
Palit, R N 110357 D0000357 New Entrant India
Pan, Ashis 708000 WB008000 New Entrant India
Pande, Hemant 420091 MN000091 Local Master India
Pandey, J N 110486 D0000486 New Entrant India
Pandey, Jitendra 220811 UP000811 Local Master India
Pandey, Satish 300410 RJ000410 New Entrant India
Pandit, D S 480152 MP000152 New Entrant India
Pandit, Sudip 707634 WB007634 New Entrant India
Pandita, Ashok Kumar 110475 D0000475 New Entrant India
Pandya, Tushar 380307 GTA00307 New Entrant India
Panigrahi, Trinath 750304 O0000304 Senior Master India
Pant, T C 110282 D0000282 National Master India
Panwar, Hatinder 170107 HP000107 New Entrant India
Paradkar, M N 480025 MP000025 New Entrant India
Paranjape, Vrishali 410143 PM000143 Local Master India
Paranjpe, Vrishali 410368 PM000368 New Entrant India
Parashar, Rajiv K 560477 KS000477 Senior Master India
Parasian, Robert 962001 INA&500054 Indonesia
Parasrampuria, Balkrishna N 400040 BM000040 Advance Life Master India
Parasrampuria, Ramesh 110432 D0000432 New Entrant India
Pareira, Bonefilio 901012 CAN001 Canada
Parikh, Bhavana 380304 GTA00304 Master India
Parikh, Girish 380197 GTA00197 New Entrant India
Parikh, Jignesh 380274 GTA00274 Senior Master India
Parikh, Sailesh 380302 GTA00302 Master India
Parmar, Nilu 170030 HP000030 New Entrant India
Parmar, Surjit S 170029 HP000029 New Entrant India
Patel , Ashish 390096 GTB00096 Local Master India
Patel, Darshan 390084 GTB00084 Master India
Patel, Jayshree 380333 GTA00333 Master India
Patel, Kartik 390112 GTB00112 New Entrant India
Patel, Kshitij 380060 GTA00060 Senior Master India
Patel, Mayur 380061 GTA00061 Senior Master India
Patel, Truptesh 390110 GTB00110 New Entrant India
Patel, Uday H 380270 GTA00270 Local Master India
Patel, Vidhya 380362 GTA00362 New Entrant India
Patki, Sunil 420071 MN000071 Master India
Patki, Vivekanand 440601 NM000601 New Entrant India
Patnaik, S M 750262 O0000262 New Entrant India
Patnaik, Subhransu 560846 KS000846 Local Master India
Patni, S C 300107 RJ000107 Local Master India
Patni, S K 440313 NM000313 Senior Master India
Patodia, Ramesh 401420 BM001420 New Entrant India
Patwardhan, Vinayak S 410350 PM000350 Senior Master India
Patwary, Muhammed Faroque Hossain 988022 BAN&500082 Bangladesh
Paul, Balai 706179 WB006179 Local Master India
Paul, D K 110501 D0000501 New Entrant India
Paul, Dipak Kumar 705410 WB005410 Senior Master India
Paul, Pini 110566 D0000566 New Entrant India
Paul, Prabir 706675 WB006675 New Entrant India
Paul, Prabir Kumar 703150 WB003150 Senior Life Master India
Paul, Sujay 707991 WB007991 New Entrant India
Paul, Sushil Kumar 707423 WB007423 New Entrant India
Pellegrini, Carlos 954001 ARG&500035 Argentina
Pemmaraju, Gunaranjan 560851 KS000851 New Entrant India
Pendse, B C 401203 BM001203 Senior Master India
Penfold, Sandra 944014 ENG34872 England
Perera, Edward 994002 SRI&500037 Sri Lanka
Perera, Rex 994001 SRI&500034 Sri Lanka
Perkins, Mike 944010 GBR&500208 England
Phadke, Vikas V 410203 PM000203 Local Master India
Phapunkar, V A 480226 MP000226 New Entrant India
Phatarphekar, Vijay R 400187 BM000187 Senior Life Master India
Pingle, Jayant P 410246 PM000246 Local Master India
Pinto, R L 401211 BM001211 New Entrant India
Poddar, A N 480720 MP000720 New Entrant India
Poddar, Biswajit 702867 WB002867 Advance Life Master India
Poddar, Dipak K 400048 BM000048 Grand Master India
Poddar, K P 480169 MP000169 New Entrant India
Polley, Debasish 707552 WB007552 New Entrant India
Poon, Wing Pan 985203 HKG03 Hong Kong
Pore, Goutam 704173 WB004173 Senior Master India
Porwal, Avein 401628 BM001628 New Entrant India
Prabhakar, B 610441 TM000441 Senior Life Master India
Prabhat Kumar, Akhauri 500301 TG000301 Master India
Pradhan, Bhima Sen 750058 O0000058 National Master India
Pradhan, Biranchi Natayan 750061 O0000061 New Entrant India
Pradhan, Deepak 400830 BM000830 Local Master India
Pradhan, Deepak Y 400959 BM000959 National Master India
Pradhan, Maheswar 750370 O0000370 India
Pradhan, R K 750236 O0000236 New Entrant India
Pradhan, S K 750257 O0000257 Local Master India
Pradhan, Sunil 390061 GTB00061 Local Master India
Prahladka, D C 220552 UP000552 New Entrant India
Prajwal, B V S 610491 TM000491 Master India
Prakasam, N 600041 TC000041 Senior Master India
Prakash, C 130028 HRL00028 New Entrant India
Prakash, Deepak 170091 HP000091 New Entrant India
Prakash, Om 110452 D0000452 New Entrant India
Prakash, Pradeep 220835 UP000835 New Entrant India
Prakash, Rashmi 110549 D0000549 New Entrant India
Prakash, Ravi 240099 UTR00099 New Entrant India
Prakash, Ved 110274 D0000274 Local Master India
Pramanik, Deepak 707728 WB007728 New Entrant India
Prasad, Arvind 240001 UTR00001 Local Master India
Prasad, Harishankar 801041 B0001041 New Entrant India
Prasad, Nandini 110471 D0000471 New Entrant India
Prasad, Pranab 701562 WB001562 Local Master India
Prasad, Upendra 800015 B0000015 Local Master India
Prasad, Upma 110528 D0000528 New Entrant India
Pratihari, J 750127 O0000127 National Master India
Premsagar, P S 500305 TG000305 Local Master India
Priambar, Arya 801054 B0001054 New Entrant India
Priya, Pushpam 708043 WB008043 New Entrant India
Punj, Mangalam 110464 D0000464 New Entrant India
Punj, Rohini 110569 D0000569 New Entrant India
Punj, Y P 110334 D0000334 Local Master India
Puranik, Arun J 440309 NM000309 National Master India
Puranik, Vishnu J 440118 NM000118 Senior Master India
Puri, Muhammad Mubashir 992005 PAK&500032 Pakistan
Puri, Pushpa 110443 D0000443 New Entrant India
Puri, V N 110100 D0000100 Master India
Puri, Vinod K 110442 D0000442 New Entrant India
Purkar, Hemant 410367 PM000367 Local Master India
Purushottam, Andrey 400661 BM000661 National Master India