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  • This site provides information regarding Bridge players registered on hcl-bridge.com. Various personal details, contact information and playing record in HCL bridge championships may be available here.
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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Lachman, Rosa 961010 AUS99759 Australia
Lade, Bhau Rao 480838 MP000838 New Entrant India
Lahiri, Satyabrata 705033 WB005033 Advance Life Master India
Lakhani, Geeta 400302 BM000302 Senior Master India
Lakhanpal, K R 140001 PBA00001 New Entrant India
Lakshman, Ganji 500222 TG000222 Master India
Lal, Shyam 110277 D0000277 Local Master India
Lal, Sunil 801045 B0001045 New Entrant India
Lal, Vinay Mohan 400029 BM000029 Senior Life Master India
Lall, Hemant 901009 USA&500358 United States
Laroia, Tara 110487 D0000487 New Entrant India
Law, Manju 997102 UAE02 United Arab Emirates
Lean, Asok Jose 690020 K0000020 Local Master India
Lele, S 480826 MP000826 New Entrant India
Lele, Suhas 390090 GTB00090 Local Master India
Lenka, D N 750084 O0000084 National Master India
Levi, Hila 997206 ISR17077 Israel
Levy, Edward 944001 ENG400802 England
Lewis, Finton 400415 BM000415 Senior Life Master India
Lewis, Marshall 938502 CRO&500106 Croatia (Hrvatska)
Liaqat, Farrukh 992002 PAK&500178 Pakistan
Liu, Yinghao 986002 CHN&500281 China
Lonkar, Makrand 401598 BM001598 New Entrant India
Lule, M M 440427 NM000427 Local Master India
Lungu, Veronel 940001 ROM199 Romania
Luthra, V K 800167 B0000167 New Entrant India
Lyall, Russell 160021 CH000021 New Entrant India