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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Jabbar, Abdul 988035 BAN12 Bangladesh
Jacob, Robins 690023 K0000023 Local Master India
Jacob, Verghese 500534 TG000534 Local Master India
Jadon, D S 220451 UP000451 Local Master India
Jagannathan, Mukund 400893 BM000893 National Master India
Jagetia, Gulab 300274 RJ000274 Senior Master India
Jagniewski, Rafal 948006 POL05056 Poland
Jahagirdar, A K 550013 GA000013 Master India
Jain, Alka 110484 D0000484 New Entrant India
Jain, Anirudh 110547 D0000547 New Entrant India
Jain, Arun 110319 D0000319 Life Master India
Jain, Arun 110502 D0000502 New Entrant India
Jain, Dinesh K 110485 D0000485 New Entrant India
Jain, Gopal Kumar 110553 D0000553 New Entrant India
Jain, Madhu Malti 110530 D0000530 New Entrant India
Jain, Manju 110526 D0000526 New Entrant India
Jain, Moti Lal 220754 UP000754 Local Master India
Jain, Naresh K 160016 CH000016 New Entrant India
Jain, Nem Kumar 110055 D0000055 Senior Master India
Jain, Nirmal Kumar 610504 TM000504 Senior Master India
Jain, P C 110633 D0000633 New Entrant India
Jain, P C 220755 UP000755 New Entrant India
Jain, Rajesh 705321 WB005321 Master India
Jain, Rajesh K 110491 D0000491 Senior Master India
Jain, Shashi 110056 D0000056 Senior Master India
Jain, Subodh 110052 D0000052 Local Master India
Jain, Suraj 110375 D0000375 Local Master India
Jain, Varsha 401527 BM001527 Local Master India
Jain, Vikram 110474 D0000474 Local Master India
Jain, Vipul 110603 D0000603 New Entrant India
Jaipuria, M K 220164 UP000164 New Entrant India
Jaiswal, K N 220147 UP000147 India
Jaiswal, Manish 220685 UP000685 Master India
Jaiswal, Srinidhi 561113 KS001113 New Entrant India
Jaiswal, Tanya 561112 KS001112 New Entrant India
Jajoo, Monica 110463 D0000463 Local Master India
Jalan, Anu 707997 WB007997 New Entrant India
Jalan, Hemant K 706646 WB006646 Advance Life Master India
Jamkhandi, B N 560334 KS000334 Senior Master India
Jana, Pradip Kumar 706790 WB006790 Local Master India
Janiszewski, Przemyslaw 948005 POL4108 Poland
Jasuja, Raghubir S 110021 D0000021 Senior Master India
Jatana, S K 110512 D0000512 New Entrant India
Jayakumar, R 560110 KS000110 New Entrant India
Jayant Kumar, M L 400116 BM000116 New Entrant India
Jayaram, Raj 707726 WB007726 New Entrant India
Jayasingha, Asoka 994005 SRI&500040 Sri Lanka
Jayram, Raj 561107 KS001107 New Entrant India
Jepsen, Emil 945005 DEN84358 Denmark
Jeurkar, Vishwas N 340062 SO000062 Local Master India
Jha, A K 110399 D0000399 India
Jha, B K 830045 JH000045 Master India
Jha, Praveen 380354 GTA00354 New Entrant India
Jha, Vinay Kumar 110363 D0000363 New Entrant India
Jhaver, H K 610541 TM000541 New Entrant India
Jhaveri, Aditi 401572 BM001572 New Entrant India
Jhunjhunwala, Virendra K 220736 UP000736 Local Master India
Joel, P K 480240 MP000240 New Entrant India
Joglekar, A P 480048 MP000048 New Entrant India
John, N C J 690038 K0000038 Local Master India
Johri, G K 220662 UP000662 Local Master India
Jolly, Rana Iqbal 170097 HP000097 New Entrant India
Jorgensen, Adalsteinn 935404 ISL&500059 Iceland
Joseph, James 690163 K0000163 New Entrant India
Joseph, P A 690156 K0000156 New Entrant India
Joseph, Vikrant 390060 GTB00060 Senior Master India
Joshi, B G 480839 MP000839 New Entrant India
Joshi, Bharat 380368 GTA00368 New Entrant India
Joshi, P D 400120 BM000120 Senior Master India
Joshi, Pramod S 410189 PM000189 Life Master India
Joshi, Rajan V 410047 PM000047 Local Master India
Joshi, S M 480060 MP000060 Master India
Joshi, Sriniwas G 400386 BM000386 Local Master India
Joshi, Sunila 410396 PM000396 New Entrant India
Joshi, Usha 400110 BM000110 Local Master India
Judge, Bindiya 110515 D0000515 New Entrant India
Jutur, Suresh 610507 TM000507 Local Master India