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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Gadnayak, Pratap Chandra 750221 O0000221 Local Master India
Ganapathy, S 610426 TM000426 Local Master India
Gandhi, Asha D 380272 GTA00272 Local Master India
Gandhi, Chhaya 997104 UAE04 United Arab Emirates
Gandhi, Dharnendra C 380271 GTA00271 Master India
Gandhi, Paresh J 380024 GTA00024 Senior Master India
Ganesan, S 610045 TM000045 Senior Master India
Gangal, Puneet 300143 RJ000143 Life Master India
Ganger, Asvin 401530 BM001530 New Entrant India
Ganguli, Kamal 705131 WB005131 New Entrant India
Ganguly, Atanu 701721 WB001721 Life Master India
Ganguly, Bhaskar Kumar 706965 WB006965 Senior Master India
Ganguly, Kishore Kumar 707347 WB007347 Local Master India
Ganguly, Paritosh Kumar 706835 WB006835 Master India
Ganguly, Sanjib 701834 WB001834 New Entrant India
Ganguly, Sudhir Kumar 700011 WB000011 Grand Master India
Garg, Ajay 220207 UP000207 New Entrant India
Garg, Ashwini Kumar 110410 D0000410 New Entrant India
Garg, Manoj 240076 UTR00076 New Entrant India
Garg, Pulak 220313 UP000313 New Entrant India
Garg, R K 130031 HRL00031 New Entrant India
Garg, Rajiv 390057 GTB00057 Local Master India
Garg, S K 220089 UP000089 Local Master India
Garner, Steve 901006 USAO054013 United States
Gautam, R P 110596 D0000596 New Entrant India
Gawel, Wojciech 948007 POL08203 Poland
George, Julius Anthonius 962003 INA&500130 Indonesia
Gharpure, Shriram N 410259 PM000259 Local Master India
Ghatiya, Mukesh 560779 KS000779 Local Master India
Ghazi, Rashid Ul 992007 PAK&500015 Pakistan
Ghia, Pravin 380342 GTA00342 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Abhirup 707795 WB007795 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Ajoy 701974 WB001974 Master India
Ghosh, Amitava 707852 WB007852 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Aniruddh 704125 WB004125 Local Master India
Ghosh, Anjan 707474 WB007474 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Anup Kanti 704626 WB004626 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Anupam 707276 WB007276 Local Master India
Ghosh, Arnab 707845 WB007845 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Ashim 705775 WB005775 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Ashim Kumar 110348 D0000348 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Asim Kumar 701423 WB001423 National Master India
Ghosh, Asit Kumar 706379 WB006379 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Bhola Nath 705408 WB005408 Senior Master India
Ghosh, Biswajit 707337 WB007337 Local Master India
Ghosh, Dipankar 708018 WB008018 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Kanai 708020 WB008020 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Kumaresh 707336 WB007336 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Mrinal Kanti 703852 WB003852 Master India
Ghosh, N L 830038 JH000038 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Nemai Chandra 705109 WB005109 Local Master India
Ghosh, Nilanjan 707857 WB007857 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Pinaki 701778 WB001778 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Pradip 707719 WB007719 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Prithviraj 707760 WB007760 New Entrant India
Ghosh, S P 703978 WB003978 India
Ghosh, Sadhan 702051 WB002051 Senior Master India
Ghosh, Sahipal 704475 WB004475 Senior Master India
Ghosh, Samir 707704 WB007704 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Sankar Narayan 705331 WB005331 Senior Master India
Ghosh, Sankari Prasad 708059 WB008059 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Shambhu Nath 702866 WB002866 Advance Life Master India
Ghosh, Shantanu 701964 WB001964 Senior Master India
Ghosh, Siba Prasad 707891 WB007891 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Sibopriya 700112 WB000112 National Master India
Ghosh, Siddhartha 707539 WB007539 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Soumadeep 707936 WB007936 Local Master India
Ghosh, Subrata 705900 WB005900 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Sujit Kumar 707296 WB007296 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Swapan 706633 WB006633 Local Master India
Ghosh, Swapan Kumar 701369 WB001369 Life Master India
Ghosh, Tapan Jyoti 707153 WB007153 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Tonmoy 703526 WB003526 New Entrant India
Ghosh, Vivek 705990 WB005990 New Entrant India
Ghoshal, Uday 706271 WB006271 Local Master India
Gijral, Raminder Singh 110601 D0000601 New Entrant India
Gill, Peter 961001 AUS22381 Australia
Girdhar, Ashok 110409 D0000409 Local Master India
Giri, Manoranjan 706446 WB006446 Local Master India
Goel, Ashok Kumar 707240 D0000268 Grand Master India
Goel, Mukul 110460 D0000460 New Entrant India
Goel, Mukul 220209 UP000209 New Entrant India
Goel, Vijay 110390 D0000390 Life Master India
Goenka, Jagdish Prasad 706426 WB006426 Life Master India
Goenka, Krishna Kumar 560907 KS000907 New Entrant India
Goenka, Pradeep 707856 WB007856 Local Master India
Goenka, Ravi 705054 WB005054 Life Master India
Goenka, Vijay K 110148 D0000148 Local Master India
Goinka, Asha 997111 UAE11 United Arab Emirates
Gokhale, Avinash 410005 PM000005 Senior Life Master India
Gokhale, Madhuri 401619 BM001619 New Entrant India
Gokhale, Rajendra 400873 BM000873 Life Master India
Golatkar, Avinash G 400875 BM000875 Local Master India
Gole, S G 410037 PM000037 Senior Master India
Golwalkar, Anand W 550009 GA000009 Master India
Gondhalekar, D D 401069 BM001069 New Entrant India
Gope, Subashish 110604 D0000604 New Entrant India
Gordon, Irving 944022 SCO&500035 Scotland
Gosavi, Dilip P 420084 MN000084 Local Master India
Gosney, John Paul 961015 AUS600393 Australia
Gossain, Rajnesh 500140 TG000140 Local Master India
Goswami, Bidyut 704172 WB004172 Local Master India
Goswami, Chinmoy 707142 WB007142 Local Master India
Goswami, Prasanta 707477 WB007477 New Entrant India
Goswami, Rupak 707953 WB007953 New Entrant India
Goswami, Sankha 703631 WB003631 New Entrant India
Govil, Pradeep 300085 RJ000085 Local Master India
Govilkar, Smita 401526 BM001526 Local Master India
Gower, Craig 927002 RSA&500020 South Africa
Goyal, Krishan 140002 PBA00002 New Entrant India
Goyal, M R 110440 D0000440 Local Master India
Goyal, Puneet 401609 BM001609 New Entrant India
Goyal, R B 220698 UP000698 Local Master India
Goyal, Rakesh 160029 CH000029 New Entrant India
Graversen, Hans Christian 945003 DEN11488 Denmark
Gromov, Andrey 907003 RUS&500044 Russia
Guha, A K 110318 D0000318 Local Master India
Guha, Arijit 703812 WB003812 Senior Master India
Guha, Arnab 701558 WB001558 Local Master India
Guha, Biplab J 701953 WB001953 New Entrant India
Guha, Sangram 110232 D0000232 Senior Master India
Guha, Subrata 702045 WB002045 New Entrant India
Gujrathi, V G 410302 PM000302 Local Master India
Gulati, Pravesh 110622 D0000622 New Entrant India
Gulavani, Rajeev 401427 BM001427 Life Master India
Gulevich, Anna 907014 RUS&500191 Russia
Gulhati, D D 110400 D0000400 New Entrant India
Gundewar, Shekhar 440600 NM000600 New Entrant India
Gunev, Rossen 935913 BUL10012 Bulgaria
Gupta, A K 220106 UP000106 National Master India
Gupta, A S 560085 KS000085 Advance Life Master India
Gupta, Abha 110551 D0000551 New Entrant India
Gupta, Alok Kumar 702060 WB002060 New Entrant India
Gupta, Arvind 170071 HP000071 Local Master India
Gupta, Ashok 110598 D0000598 New Entrant India
Gupta, Ashok Kumar 800023 B0000023 New Entrant India
Gupta, B L 480827 MP000827 New Entrant India
Gupta, B S 110286 D0000286 Local Master India
Gupta, D C 220183 UP000183 New Entrant India
Gupta, G P 560746 KS000746 New Entrant India
Gupta, Kamal Kishor 110593 D0000593 New Entrant India
Gupta, Kamalesh 701532 WB001532 National Master India
Gupta, Kamlesh 110594 D0000594 New Entrant India
Gupta, Lalit Kumar 170073 HP000073 New Entrant India
Gupta, Mahesh 110188 D0000188 Local Master India
Gupta, Mukul 220697 UP000697 Senior Master India
Gupta, Naresh Kumar 110154 D0000154 Senior Life Master India
Gupta, P C 110259 D0000259 Life Master India
Gupta, Paresh 110072 D0000072 National Master India
Gupta, Prabhat Kumar 110459 D0000459 Local Master India
Gupta, Pradip 707382 WB007382 New Entrant India
Gupta, Prakash 440599 NM000599 New Entrant India
Gupta, Praveen 110584 D0000584 New Entrant India
Gupta, R K 110606 D0000606 New Entrant India
Gupta, R M 220352 UP000352 Senior Master India
Gupta, R N 830043 JH000043 Local Master India
Gupta, Rabishankar 701143 WB001143 Local Master India
Gupta, Rajeev 901002 USAQ519684 United States
Gupta, Ram Kishan 110047 D0000047 Local Master India
Gupta, Ram Kishore 110046 D0000046 Master India
Gupta, Ritesh Kumar 390039 GTB00039 New Entrant India
Gupta, Rohit 110142 D0000142 Local Master India
Gupta, Rohit Kumar 110610 D0000610 New Entrant India
Gupta, Rukmani 110352 D0000352 New Entrant India
Gupta, S C 110353 D0000353 New Entrant India
Gupta, Sadhu Ram 110135 D0000135 India
Gupta, Sanjay 130030 HRL00030 New Entrant India
Gupta, Santosh Kumar 390042 GTB00042 New Entrant India
Gupta, Shashi 110416 D0000416 New Entrant India
Gupta, Shiv Shankar 110439 D0000439 New Entrant India
Gupta, Subhash 110180 D0000180 Grand Master India
Gupta, Subir 707114 WB007114 New Entrant India
Gupta, Sukh Dev 110544 D0000544 New Entrant India
Gupta, Sunita 901011 USA001 United States
Gupta, Sushma 110404 D0000404 Local Master India
Gupta, Ujjwal 110403 D0000403 Local Master India
Gupta, Uttam Swarup 560087 KS000087 Senior Life Master India
Gupta, V D 110587 D0000587 New Entrant India
Gupta, V M 220013 UP000013 New Entrant India
Gupta, Vijay 110340 D0000340 New Entrant India
Gupta, Vinay 110546 D0000546 New Entrant India
Gupta, Vinod Kumar 999907 India
Gurjar, Ajit 410281 PM000281 Senior Master India
Gurjar, Kalpana 380361 GTA00361 New Entrant India
Gurjar, Subodh P 410353 PM000353 Local Master India
Gurunath S, Mohan 500247 TG000247 Local Master India