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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Callaghan, Bryan 944012 ENG84688 England
Cappelletti, Shannon 901017 USA0324480 United States
Castellani, Enrico 939008 ITACSC020 Italy
Chadha, Ekta 110521 D0000521 New Entrant India
Chadha, Gurmit Singh 401511 BM001511 Local Master India
Chadha, Rekha 110617 D0000617 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Abhijit 705418 WB005418 Senior Life Master India
Chakraborty, Amit 705504 WB005504 Master India
Chakraborty, Arya 707940 WB007940 Local Master India
Chakraborty, Asit Baran 703401 WB003401 Senior Life Master India
Chakraborty, Chinmoy 701749 WB001749 Master India
Chakraborty, Indranil 704198 WB004198 National Master India
Chakraborty, Jiten 707690 WB007690 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, K S 830024 JH000024 National Master India
Chakraborty, Kanchan 780845 ASM00845 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Krishna Das 706744 WB006744 National Master India
Chakraborty, Maloy K 490016 CG000016 Local Master India
Chakraborty, R 110136 D0000136 India
Chakraborty, Rana 706402 WB006402 Local Master India
Chakraborty, Sanjay Kumar 830075 JH000075 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Santanu 707589 WB007589 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Satya Ranjan 707928 WB007928 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Soham 707938 WB007938 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Soumyadip 707770 WB007770 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Sourendra Nath 707864 WB007864 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Sukhendu 708039 WB008039 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Tapan Jyoti 707840 WB007840 New Entrant India
Chakraborty, Wrik 707557 WB007557 Master India
Chakradeo, Ajit B 400075 BM000075 Grand Master India
Chakravorty, Sujit 780814 ASM00814 New Entrant India
Chalupec, Igor 948009 POL14420 Poland
Chan, Simon 985205 HKG05 Hong Kong
Chan, Yat Bun 985201 HKG01 Hong Kong
Chandna, Shakeel 992014 PAK&500154 Pakistan
Chandra, Beneeta 110364 D0000364 Local Master India
Chandra, Dinesh 220366 UP000366 New Entrant India
Chandra, Rita 500389 TG000389 New Entrant India
Chandra, Sushil 500477 TG000477 New Entrant India
Chandra, Yatish 480536 MP000536 Local Master India
Chandramohan, R 500077 TG000077 Senior Master India
Chandramouli, K 110038 D0000038 Senior Master India
Chandrasekhar, V 401452 BM001452 Senior Master India
Chandure, Shrikant 390040 GTB00040 New Entrant India
Chari, Lakshmi 610473 TM000473 Senior Master India
Chari, T T 610472 TM000472 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Anjan 705787 WB005787 Master India
Chatterjee, Arijit 707565 WB007565 New Entrant India
Chatterjee, Arun Kanti 704323 WB004323 Local Master India
Chatterjee, Ashok 700291 WB000291 Advance Life Master India
Chatterjee, Ayan 707454 WB007454 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Biman 707099 WB007099 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Deepak 220457 UP000457 Local Master India
Chatterjee, Gautam 706226 WB006226 Master India
Chatterjee, Indranath 705791 WB005791 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Krishna Pada 701407 WB001407 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Ranjan 701566 WB001566 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Robindra Nath 704555 WB004555 New Entrant India
Chatterjee, Sajal 705568 WB005568 New Entrant India
Chatterjee, Shankar 220203 UP000203 Local Master India
Chatterjee, Shome Nath 701101 WB001101 Life Master India
Chatterjee, Shyama Prasad 706362 WB006362 Senior Master India
Chatterjee, Subrata 702805 WB002805 Local Master India
Chatterjee, Tanmay 707453 WB007453 New Entrant India
Chatterjee, Uttam Kumar 708062 WB008062 New Entrant India
Chatterji, Anupam 702827 WB002827 New Entrant India
Chattopadhyay, Gautam 706784 WB006784 Local Master India
Chaudhary, D K 480701 MP000701 New Entrant India
Chaudhary, Pankaj 480817 MP000817 New Entrant India
Chaudhuri, Subir Kumar 705573 WB005573 New Entrant India
Chaudhuri, Tapas Kumar 703191 WB003191 Master India
Chauhan, Gajendra Singh 999902 India
Chauhan, M P S 110301 D0000301 New Entrant India
Chawla, Anjali 110567 D0000567 New Entrant India
Chawla, Kamala 901015 USA&500094 United States
Chelam, K S 480722 MP000722 New Entrant India
Chelu, Eugen 940005 ROM399 Romania
Chemaly, Larry 927005 RSA&500110 South Africa
Chhajed, Shailendra 440124 NM000124 Life Master India
Chinmanas, Virat 966006 THA&500032 Thailand
Chitale, A S 410278 PM000278 Senior Master India
Chitlangia, N K 707707 WB007707 Local Master India
Chmurski, Bartosz 948010 POL6540 Poland
Choksi, Rita 110007 D0000007 National Master India
Choksi, Sunit 380256 GTA00256 Senior Life Master India
Chopra, Arun 110137 D0000137 Local Master India
Chopra, M N 110563 D0000563 New Entrant India
Chothia, Feroza 401023 BM001023 Local Master India
Choudhari, S S 410300 PM000300 Senior Master India
Choudhary, M D 520100 APS00100 National Master India
Choudhary, Sudhakar 560269 KS000269 Senior Master India
Choudhury, Bablu Roy 707113 WB007113 Local Master India
Choudhury, Chandan 701987 WB001987 Senior Master India
Choudhury, Dipak 707500 WB007500 New Entrant India
Choudhury, Jayanta 701504 WB001504 New Entrant India
Choudhury, Om Prakash 700234 WB000234 Senior Master India
Choudhury, Santanu 705379 WB005379 National Master India
Choudhury, Subhajit 707881 WB007881 Master India
Choudhury, Sudhir D 440570 NM000570 New Entrant India
Choudhury, Tapan 708063 WB008063 New Entrant India
Chouhan, R R S 480705 MP000705 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Achin Home 705035 WB005035 Local Master India
Chowdhury, Arunava 708056 WB008056 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Bhavesh 707983 WB007983 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Debraj 401613 BM001613 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Jayanta 707333 WB007333 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Kalyan 702048 WB002048 Local Master India
Chowdhury, M K 300084 RJ000084 Master India
Chowdhury, Mohammad Asifur Rahman 988009 BAN&500038 Bangladesh
Chowdhury, Pravas Kumar 707268 WB007268 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Raj Kumar 707877 WB007877 New Entrant India
Chowdhury, Ramendra 701525 WB001525 Senior Master India
Chowdhury, Shakti Dhar 705164 WB005164 Local Master India
Chowdhury, Sujan 702619 WB002619 Master India
Chowdhury, Tilakraj 401614 BM001614 New Entrant India
Chunder, Sekhar Nath 700152 WB000152 National Master India
Chung, Suni 110392 D0000392 New Entrant India
Chungath, Ranjit 561108 KS001108 New Entrant India
Clemmensen, Poul 945001 DEN1260 Denmark
Coelho, Dilip 110552 D0000552 New Entrant India
Concessio, Ian 400596 BM000596 Life Master India
Consul, R C 110356 D0000356 India
Coutts, Glenn 964004 NZL31553 New Zealand
Cronier, Benedicte 933002 FRA26478 France
Cronier, Philippe 933001 FRA833196 France